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Hi everyone! In this video I’ll tell you about what progress has achieved And what smart house is You’ll learn what voice assistant Alexa can do And how our near future will look like These devices are calld Echo and Echo Dot by Amazon with voice control Alexa The fisrt smaller device appeared in my house half a year ago And as Terminator movies fan who’s afraid of rise of the machines since 5 years old it took me long time to get used to this miracle of progress To start to use this device it’s only necessary to install the app and connect to home wi-fi In the app you choose skills you want to teach your Alexa Recently Echo itself has arrived to my house It lives in my living room It has 7 mikes arranged circle wise And working as a team with smaller Echo Dot that lives in bedroom They can perform commands from anywhere around the flat even if music is playing at full volume They have absolutly identical functions Except for bigger Echo has much better speakers Alexa is like a baby. She learns new things and gets used to you and your voice and becomes more and more useful with every day You’ll be able to know latest news, exchange rates, football match results create shopping list, keep daily planner call or send a messages and do other 100 different things I expected to hear Kadysheva, Rotaru or at least Kirkorov… but no [Anthem of the Russian Federation] The app constantly develops new skills that you’ll be able to add to your Alexa While you’re brushing your teeth, assistant will tell you what happend in the world when you were sleeping where there are traffic jams now in your city It will remind you to buy milk and to say happy birthday to your friend Having access to Internet, it can have the better of Anatoly Wasserman at erudition and tell a funnier joke than Martirosyan Alexa reminds me about appontments with doctors and persistently wakes me up in the mornings You’ll be able to create your smart house yourself For example, I have lights, coffe machine and TV connected to the system You can also connect more than 1000 other devices Stereo systems, thermostat, microwave oven even Cristams tree I’m sure very soon there will be interface in Russian as well And you’ll be able to create your own smart house But meanwhile it’s an exellent opportunity and motivation to improve your English I have a smart phone smart light system, smart house It seems like I’m the only one stupid here


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